Closing Costs - Sale of Home

Buyers and sellers of homes in California need to pay closing costs as part of any sales transaction. The costs paid by the buyer and seller will vary depending several factors including the types o,f loans (Conventional, FHA, or VA) and the agreement between the buyer and seller. Consequently, it is only possible to list customary closing costs which should be considered guidelines or estimates. Your real estate agent with can provide you with a more precise estimate for a specific sales transaction.


Closing cost most often paid by buyers:

  • Escrow fee (50%)
  • Lender's policy of title insurance
  • Owner's policy of title insurance
  • Lender's document fees
  • Loan Fees and/or points
  • Appraisal fee
  • Notary fee
  • HOA transfer fee
  • HOA demand land disclosure report
  • Prorated interest on new loan
  • Hazard insurance
  •  Inspection report
  • Private mortgage insurance


Closing cost most often paid by sellers:

  • Real estate broker's commission
  • Escrow fee (50%)
  • Prorated interest on existing loan
  • Termite inspection report
  • Home warranty agreement
  • Prorated real estate taxes
  • Any city or country transfer tax