Topanga State Park

Topanga State Park consists of more than 11,000 acres of open space and 36 miles of trails located entirely within the City of Los Angeles. It is bound by Pacific Palisades on the south, Topanga Canyon on the west, and Rustic Canyon on the east. One of the primary entries to Topanga State Park is through Temescal Gateway Park in Pacific Palisades. The park contains opportunities for hikers, equestrians, and mountain bikers. Included are many geologic formations. Hikers can opt to take the Backbone Trail which winds through the Santa Monica Mountains for nearly 70 miles all the way to Point Mugu State Park in Malibu. Red Rock Canyon State Park links Topanga State Park to Malibu Creek State Park creating a large open space preserve and animal habitat. The trail to Santa Ynez Canyon Park and Falls begins in Topanga State Park.


Topanga State Beach

Topanga State Beach is located in Pacific Palisades where Topanga Canyon Road meets Pacific Coast Highway, just east of Malibu and northwest of Santa Monica.


Tuna Canyon Park

Tuna Canyon Park is a 1,255 acre park am;! nature preserve in the western Santa Monica Mountains approximately two miles north of Malibu. The views from Tuna Canyon Park are fantastic and include the Santa Monica Bay east to the San Gabriel Mountains. Tuna Canyon Park links more than 18,000 acres of continuous, protected open space from Topanga State Park west to Las Flores Canyon. For access take Pacific Coast Highway, turn north on Topanga Canyon and then left on Fernwood Pacific Drive.


Eagle Rock (Santa Monica Mountains)

Eagle Rock is a large sandstone rock in Topanga State Park located within the Santa Monica Mountains in western Los Angeles County. It should not be confused with the community of Eagle Rock which is part of the City of Los Angeles. The famous rock stands at 1,957 feet. The top of the rock can be reached by hiking. It offers great views of the surrounding mountains.